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Have you ever asked yourself, have I prepared enough?

I mean, it isn't like we don't want to prepare for emergencies.  It's just
what constitutes enough planning and stocking up on supplies for what we
hope that we'll never need.

We've personally experienced the problems associated with earthquakes with
the Good Friday quake that hit Anchorage, Alaska.  Total devastation, the
key to some semblence of civilization was the communication REACT support
of the CBers and HAM operators there.
A few years later, while we were in Hawaii, we acutely became aware of
supplies availability.  Freight doesn't get into the islands without mostly
coming in via freighter ship.  There actually is a certain priority on what
gets on a ship and oftimes a waiting que on what is loaded.  The freight
company as I understand it wanted increased rates and held up toilet paper
from delivery to drive home their demands.  At one point there was a
garbage pickup strike during that period that also pointed out
to everyone, what we should do with waste?  If you didn't want it to just
pile up along the streets, your option was to cross the picket line at the
dump to personally get rid of your waste, not a freindly environment under
any circumstances. These man made challenges have their own considerations.
This may mean you decide to relocate to someplace that has better access
to the things you value.
Eventually we moved from paradise, back to the mainland.

So, then whether it's ice storms, avalances, tornados, flooding,
including living through 3 direct hits of hurricanes, we've seen it.
So, let me tell you, the better prepared you are the better your chances
of surviving.  This is not limited to studying what works, it is learning
more about risks, as well as investing in the right supplies to increase
your chances should you risk to ride it out. This awareness has been driven
home to the entire nation by the Katrina catastrophy along the gulf coast.
During your planning always prepare to be mobile with the truly important
supplies and items of value.  This incident also points out just how important
survival is.  Life is the most precious thing you have.
Hope this helps you to decide if, have I prepared enough?
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